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September 13, 2018
10:30 a.m.

MARILYN HINTON - Organizing Ideas and Tips

Piano Gallery in Riverdale

Organizing Ideas and Tips that will “Simplify’ and add “Sparkle” to your Studio!

October 11, 2018
10:30 a.m.

CHERYL RYTTING, NCTM - Mindset Matters

Piano Gallery in Riverdale

Through recognizing our own mindset as teachers and coming to understand the mindsets of our students, we can help our students discover new and effective ways to improve and experience success in their musical growth. In this presentation we will be exploring “Mindset.” What is it? How does it help us or hold us back? Can we change it? And how can we apply what we learn about mindset to our teaching?

November 2, 2018
All Day



The UMTA Conference starts on November 2, and continues through November 3, 2018 Keynote speaker will be Hans Boepple. There will also be many great presenters for you to hear and learn from. We hope you will join us for an excellent conference.

December 13, 2018
10:30 a.m.


Piano Gallery in Riverdale

January 10, 2019
10:30 a.m.

BRENDA BAKER and LINDA BURBANK - The Artist in our Students

Piano Gallery in Riverdale

Bringing out the “Artist” in our students by incorporating a Study of Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition.

In 1873, Mussorgsky’s good friend, Victor Hartmann (a Russian artist and architect), died suddenly at age 39. In Hartmann’s honor, his friends compiled over 400 pieces of his art in an exhibition. Mussorgsky visited the exhibition and was inspired to honor his friend through music, too.

Each painting had its own distinctive mood and feeling and Mussorgsky created his music from seeing those paintings. Mussorgsky interpreted the brush strokes in the paintings as notes to be combined into musical composition. He named the piece “Pictures of an Exhibition—A Remembrance of Victor Hartmann.”

We will be sharing how to help your students develop an artistic palette through a nine-month study (one group lesson per month for nine months) of Mussorgsky’s work. Handouts included.

February 14, 2019
10:30 a.m.


Piano Gallery in Riverdale

“Tools, Tips, and Tricks for Teaching Beginning Technique and Theory Concepts.”

March 14, 2019
10:30 a.m.

Paula Manwaring, NCTM and Tiffany Horrocks

Piano Gallery in Riverdale

“Engage Students in their Personal Learning Mode.” By gaining a better understanding as to how a student best learns-visual, aural, and/or kinesthetic-we can bring a fun, new depth to connecting with our students individual needs and create a lasting relationship of trust. Know how your student best learns and you’ll find better lesson participation as well as practice time!

April 11, 2019
10:30 a.m.

Lezlee Bishop presents Edvard Grieg

Piano Gallery in Riverdale

Edvard Grieg, His Life and Musical style in the Lyric Pieces; 19th Century Music your Students will Love! An Overview of the 66 short pieces for solo piano written by Edvard Grieg. They were published in 10 volumes, from 1867 (op. 12) to 1901 (op. 71), and include many of Grieg’s most familiar and best loved music pieces, including Wedding Day at Troldhaugen, To Spring, and Elves’ Dance. Publication of the collection will be outlined as well as the style, life experiences and Norwegian heritage of the composer. Handouts are included and have a plan of action that will help them thrive. We will discover what you need to tap into a whole new group of interested and self-motivated learners who are flooding the music education market today, recreational music makers. Handouts are included.

May 9, 2019
10:30 a.m.

Student/AIM Recital - Luncheon

We will be holding our End-of-year Luncheon, while enjoying a recital by AIM students and others.