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The Lenora Ford Brown Recital Stage at Bountiful Davis Art Center

Heather Smith, NCTM

Several years ago Heather Smith NCTM, saw a need in her community for an adequate piano recital space. As a Change Leader through the Utah Division of Arts and Museums, Heather developed a project in the Bountiful, Utah. In the middle of renovation on Main Street, the Bountiful Davis Arts Center (BDAC) served as a wonderful collaborator open to providing the space for a performance stage and two Steinway Baby Grand Pianos in an effort to support music education and performances by local teachers and musicians.

To make the vision of a recital space with two baby grand pianos a reality, the project included planning with BDAC, city officials, participation by several Davis Chapter and Salt Lake Chapter teachers and their students in an 88-Hour Piano-a-thon in May 2015, dedication recitals and ribbon cutting ceremonies.

Lenora Ford Brown Stage
Dedication and Reception
Emma Dugal, Executive Director BDAC
June 27, 2015

Concert and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on the newly expanded stage with 2 Steinway pianos at BDAC, April 29, 2017.

Lenora Brown, Heather Smith,
Kimberly Marsden, and Jackie Tomlinson Ward.

“Leadership is a conscious choice. To be an advocate for the arts in your community, you do not need to belong to an organization or hold an official leadership position. You can make a positive and lasting impact by finding a need and filling it. “

~ Heather Smith, NCTM

Potential Arts Advocacy through Action Projects in Your Community

  • Search for and provide more performing opportunities for students

  • Establish a quality recital venue space

  • Develop or participate in a local music festival

  • Form a community orchestra

  • Make available more competitions for students

  • Place a grand piano in a public space

  • Offer educational classes for adult learners

  • Support music education programs in the schools

  • Create professional development classes for music educators