UMTA Awards

UMTA offers awards for exemplary service. These include the Legacy Award, the AIM Teacher of the Year Award, and the Advocacy in Action Award. Looking for past winners? Find them in the UMTA Archives

2017 Legacy Award Winner

The Legacy Award recognizes teachers who've created a great legacy for the music community. Criteria for consideration includes having a membership of at least 10 years in UMTA and MTNA, and service as an officer at the local or state level. Professional accomplishments, service to the community, and the nurturing and mentoring of students are also taken into consideration. Nominations are made and voted upon by UMTA Board Members.

Lois Matthews, NCTM was raised in the small town of Ashton, Idaho, and began taking piano lessons in the sixth grade, becoming church organist at age 14. After receiving her Associate of Arts Degree from Ricks College, attending the University of Wyoming and BYU, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Honors English/Communications from Weber State University. She worked for five years as an Admitting Coordinator at the LDS Hospital in SLC, two years as a bookkeeper at the Ramada Inn in Evanston, Wyoming, and five years as a Deputy Court Clerk in Layton, Utah.

Lois has taught private piano for 51 years, full-time for the last 30 years. Her students have participated in several International PianoTeams® competitions, including Gina Bachauer, where her teachers' team, The Rocky Mountain PianoTeam, placed in the finals, and KSL interviewed her students. She is a Permanent Professional Certified Teacher of Music with the National Music Teachers Association as well as a licensed teacher of the Well-Prepared Pianist. She has studied with N. Jane Tan, Seymour Fink, David Engle, Paul Pollei and Seymour Bernstein. Earlier, she enjoyed studying with Barbara Stucki, Lenora Brown and Madelyn Taylor.

Her dual membership in the Ogden/Davis Chapters, service as UMTA President and ongoing service, have provided opportunities for further musical growth and great associations. Maintaining a large and varied clientele of private students, coaching PianoTeams® and performing at community events helps fulfill her lifelong pursuit of music. She is proud to claim six children, sixteen grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

2017 AIM Teacher of the Year

The AIM Teacher of the Year Award is sponsored by the State AIM Committee and was created to recognize teachers who have been exemplary in their contributions to, achievement in, and dedication to the AIM program for 5 years or more.

Shawn Bastian, NCTM grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. She and her husband Nathan have been married for 32 years and they have 5 children and 3 grandchildren. They have lived in several places including Connecticut, Washington and Guam where she was able to teach and accompany many choirs. They now reside in Lehi, Utah where she is serving in her dream calling in her LDS ward as Primary Pianist.
Shawn is currently on the AIM board and Performance Evaluations Region Chair for the Utah County area. She has worked as the Davis and Timpanogos Chapter’s AIM Chair, Timpanogos Chapter President and loves learning from those teachers she associates with. She participated in the Student Achievement program, as a student, under Merla Little and Zina Riches. After returning home from Guam in 1992, she began teaching privately and at Rowland Hall St. Marks, using the AIM program with her students. Shawn received her National Certification in 2014.

2017 Advocacy Through Action Award Winner

The Advocacy through Action Award is a way for the Utah Music Teachers Association to honor community service in the arts. Award recipients may be UMTA members, UMTA chapters, individuals, or organizations that have demonstrated exceptional dedication and have created a lasting impact for the music and arts community of Utah. Active UMTA members are invited to participate. Nominations must be received no later than September 15, 2018 at 11:59 pm.

Edith Reed has taught hundreds of students over many decades. She has been an active member of Utah Music Teachers Association and the Utah Federation of Music Clubs, serving as festivals chair for the UFMC piano festival for many years until it was felt that it could no longer be done without using computers. The hours spent sorting applications and scheduling the festivals cannot be counted.

Edith has taught children in her local church congregation free of charge for many years, inspiring many to serve in musical positions in church.

In the UMTA she has been an example to many other teachers of dedication and quality work with students. The quality of performance she has elicited from her students, and the careful attention to the feelings and overall well-being of students meets the highest standards. Her example through performance of her students in festivals, recitals and other performances has helped to raise the bar for others, inspiring us to achieve excellence in our own studios. (Pictured left is Hana Janatova, Edith Reed, Randall Faber.)