UMTA provides opportunities for students to hone their musical skills by performing in competitions. These competitions are highly competitive and offer monetary awards.

The MTNA Performance and Composition Competitions are held in the Fall each year. The first round of competitions is held on the state level. The winners then proceed to the division level, where they submit their performance via digital means. The winners from the division go on to perform at the MTNA National Conference, competing to win national honors and a monetary award.

The UMTA Composition Competition is not nearly so competitive, hence the much lower entry fee. This is done to give as many students as possible the opportunity to experiment with composing, having their score judged, receive comments back, and maybe win a little money in the process.

The Concerto Competitions are held on the state level, and have only one round of competitions. A financial award is offered the winners of this competition, as well. Please select a competition below to see more details.