UMTA Concerto Competitions

Contact Information

Instrumental Concerto Competition Chair
Lisa Whatcott
Cell: 801-360-9011

Piano Concerto Competition Chair
Cassandria Mayfield

The 2022 UMTA Instrumental Concerto Competition will be held February 12, 2022.

The 2022 UMTA Piano Concerto Competition will be held February 18-19.

Both competitions will be held in-person at Daynes Music in Midvale.

Registration opens January 2, 2022 and closes at 11:59 p.m. on January 16, 2022.

Entrant age is determined as of January 1, 2022.

Currently, the 2022 competition is planned to be in-person unless circumstances with COVID-19 change.

2021 Concerto Competition Results

1st place winners performance may be viewed by clicking on their name.

Instrumental Concerto Results:

String Concerto Winners
Junior High Division Winners:
1st: Della Gardner, student of Eugene Watanabe
2nd: Brooklyn Thatcher, student of Eugene Watanabe
3rd: Whitney Baron, student of Chandelle Fairbanks

High School Division Winners:
1st: Alina Baron, student of Chandelle Fairbanks
2nd: Elizabeth LeBaron, student of Shi-Hwa Wang

Collegiate Division Winners:
1st: Sean Huang, student of Shi-Hwa Wang
2nd: Wiktoria Aleksandra Kolodziejczyk, student of Shi-Hwa Wang

Winds Concerto Winners:
Elementary Division Winners
1st: Molly Pickett, student of Cindy Henderson

Junior High Division Winners
1st: Olivia Iachimciuc, student of Nancy Toone
2nd: Leah Keyes, student of Nancy Toone

High School Division Winners:
1st: Lillie Gardner, student of Cindy Henderson
2nd: David Bennet, student of Cindy Henderson
3rd: Rebecca Fleming, student of Nancy Toone

Collegiate Division Winners
1st: Isaac Sanabria, student of Christian Smith
2nd: Sarah Johnson, student of April Clayton

Piano Concerto Results:

Elementary Division Winners:
1st: Shelby R. Gan,
student of Luke Hancock
2nd: Alvin Gao, student of Luke Hancock
3rd: Brooklyn Lee, student of Whitney Pizza
HM: Edward Yida Pan, student of Luke Hancock

Junior High Division Winners:
1st: Conrad Flake,
student of Ning Lu
2nd: Isabella Bueno, student of Koji Attwood
3rd: Victor N. Young, student of Ning Lu
HM: Olivia Jiang, student of Jie Lu
HM: Sophie Zheng, student of Ning Lu

High School Division Winners:
1st: David Sun,
student of Irene Peery-Fox
2nd: Marquessa Torbensen, student of Ralph van der Beek
3rd: Michael Silas, student of Kimi Kawashima
HM: Ryan Chen, student of Gary Amano
HM: Will Merkley, student of Amy Merkley

Collegiate Division Winners:
1st: Brooke Ballard,
student of Scott Holden
2nd: Ting-Yu (Cindy) Lu, student of Yu-Jane Yang
3rd: Chia-Li Chou, student of Yu-Jane Yang
HM: Hao-Wen Chang, student of Cahill Smith

2021 Past Concerto Judges